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Thanks DJ DMT

DJ DMT was just awarded the $100 gift certificate to BeatPort for helping to get the word out about DnBPodcast I promised back here.

Animus et Anima by Transient

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

1. Calyx, DJ Kontrol—Guerrilla Warfare
2. Calyx, TeeBee—Follow The Leader
3. Quadrant (4)—Closure
4. Status, Chase—Barbarians (Prolix Remix)
5. Ed Rush, Optical—Bacteria (Pendulum Remix)
6. TeeBee—The Force
7. Photek—C-Note (Instrumental Mix)
8. Styles of Beyond—Subculture (Dieselboy & Kaos VIP)
9. Black Sun Empire—Arrakis
10. Concord Dawn—Tonight (Pendulum Remix)
11. Hive, Keaton, Gridlok, Echo—Violent Sound
12. Calyx—Get Myself To You
13. Black Sun Empire—Bitemark
14. Pish Posh—The Angels Cry (Future Prophecies Remix)
15. TeeBee—Tech G
16. Black Sun Empire, Concord Dawn—The Sun
17. Calyx, TeeBee—Cyclone
18. Gridlok, Dom—Hooked
19. Kaos, Karl K, Jae K—Moonraker (Gridlok Remix)
20. Pendulum—Spiral