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Connecticut Connection by DJ Coexist

1. Sci Phi: Luxor Sands (Strictly Digital)
2. ICR & Matt U: Drop Everything (Deformed Soundz)
3. Allied Force: Mi Couzan (Emcee)
4. Survival: Alpine (Dispatch)
5. Icicle: Can´t Be (Fokuz Ltd)
6. Jericho: Redeemed In Dawn (Santorin)
7. Solar G: Highway (Deformed Soundz)
8. Icicle: That Tune (Fokuz Ltd)
9. Redeyes & Peyo: Delight (Bingo)
10. Icicle & Swith: Golden Days (Avalanche)
11. Duo Infernale: Playing Games / Drifter rmx (Horizons)

DJ Unother offers dnbpodcast mix+tunes hosting

DJ Unother (who has submitted the best mixes by far) has offered his bandwidth and disc space for DJs and producers who would like to feature a mix or tunes on DnBPodcast (that pass our quality standards). You can check out DJ Unother if you will be in NYC on February 20th, 2007 at Camouflage. […]