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DJ Unother offers dnbpodcast mix+tunes hosting

DJ Unother (who has submitted the best mixes by far) has offered his bandwidth and disc space for DJs and producers who would like to feature a mix or tunes on DnBPodcast (that pass our quality standards). You can check out DJ Unother if you will be in NYC on February 20th, 2007 at Camouflage. […]

dnbpodcast ratings on

I guess these are the ratings by popularity of users who are also dnbpodcast subscribers. btw, here is my profile.

Thanks DJ DMT

DJ DMT was just awarded the $100 gift certificate to BeatPort for helping to get the word out about DnBPodcast I promised back here.

BeatPort featured in Songbird screen shot on BoingBoing

There is a new music browser application called Songbird that is going to be released soon. One feature of this software is that it connects to niche online music stores (ie, not iTMS, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, Napster 2.0, MSN Music). One music store it appears to works with BeatPort. Songbird was reviewed today on BoingBoing. […]

downloading new episodes

If you are having a problem downloading new episodes in iTunes, delete the podcast (without deleting the files) and then re-add it. You will then need to go back into your iPod preferences and then allow DnBPodcast to update the iPod automatically.

New Blog and Contest

The site is now a WordPress blog. As a result of this, all of the mixes are no longer in this new feed. So, we are starting over with a new mix feed for this year. Here is the old site, and here is the old feed. It will now be possible to get the […]