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At DNBPodcast.com, we’re committed to delivering an auditory experience like no other. Our world renowned Drone Manipulation Podcast is your gateway to the latest and greatest drum and bass mixes, meticulously curated to satiate your craving for heart-thumping beats and basslines.

What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on dark Neurofunk drum and bass. Our passion for this subgenre drives us to continuously scour the depths of the music scene, handpicking mixes that encapsulate the essence of dark, gritty, and mind-bending sounds. The Drone Manipulation Podcast stands as a testament to our dedication to keeping the fire of Neurofunk burning bright.


By donating a small sum of money to support DNBPodcast.com, you’re investing in the vibrant drum and bass community that resonates with your passion. Your contribution fuels our mission to deliver high-quality mixes, the latest tracks, and exclusive content, all while keeping our services accessible to everyone. With your support, we can continue to expand our platform, curate even more electrifying mixes, and bring you closer to the pulse of the drum and bass world. Every donation plays a crucial role in ensuring that our services remain free, exceptional, and ever-evolving, empowering you and fellow listeners to immerse yourselves in the beats that inspire and unite us all.

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